Sandi Austin

by Sandi Austin

Goodbyes have always been difficult for me. The year 2020 has so far been especially hard after having lost my aunt in January, my beloved dog in March and my life partner of over 50 years in May. And now, I must say goodbye to my Heart of Longmont family.

Life is sometimes a difficult journey. We travel along at a good clip when suddenly there’s a detour that leads us in another direction. For me, that direction is east to Kearney, NE, where my son and his family live. Wayne and I had already been entertaining the idea of moving back to the northeastern plains where he was from or to a rural area, so leaving the city life wasn’t something unplanned. It’s just the way it is happening – so suddenly and on my own.

When I began working at the Heart of Longmont about four years ago, it didn’t take long for you kind people to welcome me to the church staff and make me feel right at home. I truly enjoyed working here, writing articles about the wonderful projects of this giving church community, or designing posters, church bulletins and booklets.

During my losses this year, the Heart of Longmont family was there to wrap me in their collective arms. I can’t begin to find the words to thank you all properly for the cards, flowers, generous gifts, emails and prayers. I will never forget your thoughtful, loving ways.

And the people I worked with in the office are amazing – Carol Wiggins, Carol Barnett, Devon Towry, and especially David Burt. Can I just take you all with me? What a team we made, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Because of the coronavirus, the last time I saw these dear people was just before Easter, so leaving this way is especially hard.

I don’t know where this change in my life journey is leading me as I move on, but I can see where I’ve been in the rear view mirror, and it’s been a wonderful trip.

I am reminded of a saying that rings so true for me right now: “How lucky I am to have had friendships that make saying ‘goodbye’ so hard.”


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