by Sandi Austin

With her sister in critical condition on the east coast, and being isolated from her during this difficult time, Helen Robbins relied on her faith to help her be “there” in spirit.

“You learn to be there with all your calming and positive energy,” Helen said. “When she is cold, you send her warmth. When she can’t breathe, you take deep breaths. And you hug yourself and send those hugs to her.”

Her sister’s scary journey began March 8 when she began to have Covid-19 symptoms. Being a nurse in New Jersey, an especially hard-hit state, Helen’s sister spent her days visiting patients in nursing homes. No one had any idea that she was at risk because, as they would later learn, the deadly virus sat silent in so many of the facilities she visited.

Eight days later, as she got progressively worse, she was tested for the virus. The next day, she was admitted to the hospital, unable to breathe and suffering from double pneumonia. Two days later, her test results came back positive for Covid-19. She spent 10 days in critical care, then was sent home to continue her road to recovery…and a miracle!

Helen said her sister had to continue to self-isolate for an additional two weeks, with every day bringing increased strength and better breathing.

Using her strong faith as the driving force, Helen was able to reach out to her sister across the miles to offer a healing touch.

“She was never alone,” Helen said. “She told me she felt everyone’s prayers and love.”

Helen’s motto of this story?  If you are struggling with a loved one being apart from you, whether they are in a nursing home or in a hospital or sheltering in place at home, focus on our spiritual connections.

“We are all connected and we do not need to feel alone.”

Thank you, Helen, for those wise words and continued prayers for your sister.

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