Even with all the busyness, I love this time of year. Sure, Christmas gets commercialized, and I find it sad that so much of the holiday seems to be focused on bigger and brighter “things.” But at the heart we know it is more than that. We know it is the time when we remember how God put Divine Love into the world in the form of a baby in a manger. That baby grew into a mature human being who brought a radical message of full acceptance of all, healing and hope to the hurting, and new life to the world. God became flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

I hope that you and those you hold dear can take the time to reflect on what Jesus’ birth means to you. For God so loved the world that God gave us love in the person of Jesus. That is a cause for celebration. That is what fills my heart with joy this time of the year.

May you have a very blessed and meaningful Christmas!

~Pastor David

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