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Congregational Member of NAACP Boulder County

Continuing to move toward being a church that is a open and affirming to all, Heart of Longmont Church Council made the decision to join the Boulder County NAACP as a congregational member.

By doing so we have joined with other congregations from different religious faiths in Boulder county to increase diversity and cultural competency as well as strengthen the interfaith community through education and united action.

As part of that community we will abide by the following covenant:

We, as congregational affiliates of the Religious Action Committee of the NAACP Boulder County, agree that faith traditions have a responsibility to speak and take action against racism, social injustice, and the misuse of religion to justify the oppression of others. We also believe that all human beings have a place at the table, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, socio-economic status, gender expression, sexual orientation or marital status.

If you have any questions regarding our membership, please reach out to Reverend David or Rod Edmonds.

“Jesus knew that the old eye-for-eye philosophy would have everyone blind. He did not seek to overcome evil with evil. He overcame evil with good. Although crucified by hate, he responded with aggressive love.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Boulder County Crop Hunger Walk

Crop Hunger Walk TrophyHeart of Longmont has a long history of participating in the Boulder County Crop Hunger Walk. Reverend Carol Lillie introduced the church to Crop Walk in 2008. That year there were five participants. Starting in 2010 Linda Johnston, a church member, became the head organizer for volunteers from HOL.

The walks are community based walks held around the country to support sustainable responses to hunger and poverty. Twenty-five percent of the money raised is returned for local needs. In Boulder County Community Food Share is a major recipient. Seventy-five percent goes to Crop Walk founder, Church World Service.

In October of 2021 29 walkers from The Heart of Longmont participated in the walk and raised $5,500. With the largest participation of any group in Boulder County, HOL won the traveling trophy.

The sandal on the trophy represents walking step by step with those who are suffering from hunger or poverty. The sandal has been to Africa, Nicaragua and the Holy Land.

The 2021 walk was the 29th most successful for Boulder County raising a total of $44,283.

Gun Safety Partnership

In June of 2022 the Heart of Longmont entered into a partnership with Longmont’s United Church of Christ for gun safety events.

The first event was July 9 to give away free hand gun safes. 249 safes were given away. The next event will be October 29 where people will have an opportunity to safely turn in their guns. The guns will be cut up and repurposed into garden tools.

The final event of 2022 will be on Veterans Day, November 11. Free hand gun safes will be given away at this event specifically targeting veterans and their families.

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