A year ago two transgender married women came to the United States and were put into the custody of Dave and Jan Perry. The Heart of Longmont, along with Lefthand Church, began the Asylum Project as a way to underwrite the costs as they moved through the maze of immigration. Now, Taylor and Francys are planning to move to New York City where friends are there to help them in the next phase of their journey.

Dave and Jan share their thoughts about this move:

The following is from our hearts.

Jan and I see God’s lead in their decision to move their asylum case to NY, which should significantly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome to their asylum case. We see this as a relay race. We (HOL, LHC, Out Boulder, and all who contributed to the Asylum Project) have run this leg of the race very well! Taylor and Francys continue to express great appreciation for this help! They sought advice from Sy Baker who brought us all together, from Mardi Moore (director of Out Boulder), from Violeta (CU Law Clinic Immigration Law professor) and even Pastor David. It is time for the next leg of this race.

What we are most thankful for:

  • They both chose to worship with us weekly at both HOL and LHC. They also chose to take turns praying with us every day. God has answered many of these prayers!
  • We have come to truly love each other. The way this first leg is ending has only increased this mutual love. We will miss them and they will miss us. The four of us have prayed together for God’s lead in this adventure. He has, and this move seems to be the next step in His lead.
  • We cherish all of you that have prayed for them/us. We ask that this continue even though they will be living in NY with another couple (long term friends of theirs).
  • They were both hurting last evening. Taylor asked if I could think of any scripture that might help Francys. I asked Jan to help me find the passage containing, “We do not grieve as those who have no hope…” She used Google and found 1 Thes. 4:13-18. Jan is as close to being her mother substitute as there is. This passage gave them both hope.

Again, the four of us thank all of you for this ongoing support!

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