by Rod Edmonds

It seems like I just get comfortable with the latest trends in technology, then something changes…like the King Soopers “Loyalty Program” or “Text in Church”. Then, to top it off, my wife tells me it only takes a couple minutes for me to “download” the change and I will be back up and running. 30 minutes later, feeling very “non-techie”, I give up and move on to something less taxing.

If you’re like me—don’t worry. Thanks to Emily and the Heart of Longmont Youth, help is on the way. Starting September 8, the Youth will have someone at the hospitality desk to help set up King Soopers Loyalty Cards or add the Text in Church app to our phones. Someone will be there to assist or at least answer our questions. If the demand is high enough, the program will continue the second Sunday of each month. 

All you need to do is stop by the hospitality desk. To set up your King Soopers card, have your King Soopers Loyalty Card or Loyalty Card number and an email address. To set up Text in Church, all you need is your cell phone.

Even if you don’t need technology help, stop by and meet some of our youth. They are a GREAT group of young people.

Thank you to Emily and her team!!!

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