Though we are not currently meeting in-person for worship, many of us are looking forward to the day we will be able to gather again in our beautiful sanctuary. One thing that brightens and beautifies the Heart of Longmont sanctuary is the weekly donation of flower bouquets.

Have you ever thought about donating flowers to decorate the sanctuary? Have you wondered how to go about ordering flowers to donate? If so, read on!

Flowers for the Sanctuary Poster

This is a picture of the Flower Poster that rests on an easel outside the Sanctuary doors. Under each month are listed the dates for each Sunday that month. Next to each date are two lines, because two members’ donations are needed each Sunday.

Church Members like to donate flowers for anniversaries, weddings, deaths, births, birthdays and in memory of a friend or loved one. If you find a month and date that you want to donate flowers, write your name and phone number on one of the lines next to the date. A Flower Coordinator will contact you before the date to discuss the size of the bouquet, what you want the bulletin to say about your donation, and what you would like to do with the flowers after the service.  You have the option of taking the flowers yourself, taking the flowers to someone you know, or donating them to be delivered to a shut-in or a hospitalized patient. The cost of the flowers is $17.00 for a standard bouquet or $20.00 for a larger bouquet.

There are instructions for how to donate for sanctuary flowers on the side of the flowers poster.

There is also a note on the side of the Flower Poster that tells you how to sign up to donate.

After the service, the flower arrangement is placed in a one-pound coffee can—either metal or plastic—for taking the flowers from the Church. We are always in need of more coffee cans, so please save them, bring them to church and either place them in the Groom’s room or leave them on the Hospitality Desk outside of the office doors.

If you have any questions please contact Ann Yoder, Nancy Hand, or Kathy Bradley. We would be happy to help you in any way we can!

Thank you for your donations to beautify our Sanctuary!

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