Need a laugh?

Check out these holy bloopers from REAL church bulletins!

  • The class on prophecy has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • The church had a going-away party for Pastor __________. The congregation was anxious to give him a little momentum.
  • We will have a Special Holiday Bingo & Dinner on Monday evening, Dec. 30. You will be given two bingo packs, which cover all games played, and your choice of children or roast beef for dinner.
  • When parking on the north side of the church, please remember to park on an angel.
  • The church maintenance guy left a note attached to a receipt in the office for the secretary. The note read: “Van Battery died.” The secretary was concerned that she didn’t know this church member, and asked how she should announce his passing in the bulletin.


LENT anyone? 🙂

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