Did you ever play the “tick-tock” game as a kid? It’s where you join hands with your friends and swing your arms back and forth while singing tick-tock. The game is locked and no one else can join. The game made you feel like you were part of an intimate circle, until you weren’t. Your friends moved away or they moved on, becoming part of another circle. Your circle kept shrinking until it wasn’t a circle anymore.

The remedy to that shrinking circle is, of course, to not lock the game and to continually invite others to join. In that manner the circle will continue to grow and grow.

In some ways that is what we have seen happening to mainstream churches today. The circle continues to shrink.

“Every church will naturally tend to be inwardly focused. This is the human condition. We have a predisposition to think of ourselves first.” —The Heart of Hospitality

We need to intentionally find ways to connect with guests and those outside of the church to increase their comfort levels. That necessitates knowing the needs of the community and meeting those needs.

To facilitate more intentional actions of being open and accepting, we are creating a team of Hospitality Ambassadors. If you would like to be a member of the team, please call the church office.

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