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The HOL Leadership institute Visionary Team (LIV) is excited to announce the next leadership institute course being offered by Share Church, a program from the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

The LIV team was created by members who attended the leadership institute program in 2021. From the information gleamed there, the team has envisioned HOL as a church serving as the hands and feet of Jesus to all.

Our mission is to turn a hope filled vision into reality.

In the past year we have created the Chef Hearty program with our Wild Plum families; attempted a community story time; developed a volunteer corp to teach Sunday School to our Sunday kids; hosted Wild Plum staff appreciation breakfasts at Christmas and end of school; among other activities.

Some programs have been successful and some not, however, that has not stopped us from envisioning what can be done to grow HOL.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to register to attend the Leadership Institute training. The 2022 session will be offered September 28 – 30. You can attend either in person at the UM Church of the Resurrection or online.

If you would like to hear how rewarding the Share Church conference can be, talk to Tricia Grafelman, Rod Edmonds, Lynn Greenhalge, Joan Edmonds or Dave Parry.

Revive, reinvigorate and rejoice!

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