by Joan Edmonds

In his book The Walk, Adam Hamilton references the practices Jesus’ followers have used through time to walk closer with God. One of the practices emphasized is prayer. We do it in church, we do it at home, we do it in times of desperation, but what exactly is prayer?

When his wife was struggling with cancer, C. S. Lewis spent hours praying at her bedside. Lewis reflected upon this prayer time saying, “In these many days of praying at Joy’s bedside, I have learned that my prayers do not change God. God changes me.”

How often do we enter prayer hoping to change events only to be disappointed or angry with the outcome? Spiritual growth happens when we are able to look at ourselves and see what changes God has created within us as a result of prayer. We draw closer to God through prayer. Our eyes and ears are opened to what God desires us to do.

In his article “Why Pray”, Steve Manskar writes: “Prayer is a means of grace. A ‘means of grace’ is a practice, ritual, place or object that provides access to the power and presence of God.”

And so dear people of God, let’s pray.

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