With Covid cases decreasing and more people getting the vaccines, we are at a place where we can begin to offer limited in-person worship on Sunday mornings.  Starting Sunday, March 7, we will be inviting small groups to church. The first Sunday we will have members from the Adventurer’s Sunday School class and Trustees to attend.

Specific protocols will be enforced.  Masks will be worn while in the church.  No hymn singing, no passing of collection plates.  An on-line registration process will be used to let people reserve a spot in the sanctuary.

Thanks to our Re-Open team for their guidance and wisdom as we have been negotiating keeping people safe while looking at the return to in-person worship.  Our Tech team has also been working hard so that we will be able to continue to offer on-line worship via YouTube, as we also begin in-person worship.

General reservations for in-person worship will hopefully be offered soon.  Be looking for future Pulse articles and emails for more information.

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