Since February is Black History Month, and Keith Watson noted that in our mission moment on Sunday February 9, I believe it would be good to add that the movie “Green Book”, which has been playing in theaters lately, is a good lesson in Black History, and the challenges and progress historically endured during and since the 1950s and 1960s.

Its ultimate lesson, without spoiling the plot, is that we won’t and don’t fully respect someone (who is different in any way: racially, or sexual identity, or even just ethnically) until we can develop a full and deep relationship with them, and that any and many of our simplifying assumptions can be and often are hurtful and damaging to that relationship.  Lastly, it also shows the ultimate courage which is required to commit to such a relationship, as well as the some of the benefits that result from that relationship.

It is based on a true story, which adds value and veracity to it.  But I can honestly say, in the end, I had a notably heightened awareness of both my past errors and future opportunities.  Thus I was quite glad I had seen the movie.  I think you will be too!

Mark Vancura

Check out the trailer below!

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