by Jan Timmons

Since we have missed most of the special Sunday offerings due to the pandemic, the compassion offering for November will be evenly divided between these special offerings which are: Peace with Justice, World Communion, Native American, UMCOR, and United Methodist Student Day.

Peace with Justice encourages living the gospel of peace.

Native American Day supports education for Native American leaders.

Young adults are aided through the World Communion which supports their growth as leaders.

The United Methodist emergency relief fund is supported through contributions to the UMCOR fund.

On campus ministries are supported through the United Methodist Student Day offering.

All of these plus Human Relations Day are special offerings that are taken through out the year. We were meeting on Human Relations Sunday, so that is not included with this group.

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to the compassion offerings this year. Many people were helped because of your generosity!

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