by Rod Edmonds

One thing all of us can be extremely proud of as members of Heart of Longmont is our rich history of putting more of God’s love into the world through our support of wonderful organizations like the OUR Center, HOPE, and Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few. These are the efforts that get the headlines. 

If you have spent much time in the Heart of Longmont office during the week, you might realize our staff are called on to address various needs frequently throughout the year. Support for those in need may be in the form of a grocery card to purchase food or a tank of gas, money to cover the cost of a motel room for someone passing through town or to cover a utility bill so a family does not go without heat or lights. 

The Pastor’s Discretion Fund was established many years ago as a way for our Pastor to address people in need of temporary assistance. These expenditures are generally small in dollars and cover an immediate need or emergency need. Having this fund allows our Pastor and staff to respond quickly which is often as important as the dollars involved.

Please join us this month in support of the Pastor’s Discretion Fund. It is another way the Heart of Longmont is putting more of God’s love into the world.

Thank you.

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