Photo courtesy of Karen Moore.

by Sandi Austin

She is not a gardener, but wants things to look great. He secretly always wanted to be a master gardener. So when Karen and Mike Moore saw the request by Pastor David to “slay the weeds” at the church, it was like a call to action for the couple.

With a response email informing everyone that any reports of lurkers around the church building should be dismissed – that it was only them – the Moores were on the job, weeding the quarantine-neglected flower beds around the church.

The tough weeds would present a challenge, but with Gloria Hinz already there and hard at work when the Moores arrived, the three of them worked together to meet that challenge.

“I’m sure there is more weeding and planting to be done in the future,” Karen said, “but we have a start.”

You three sure did put a huge dent in the work to be done, and it’s not without a HUGE thank-you from your church family!

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