There is no better definition of a quiet disciple than Allyson Bowland.

She has been the multimedia presentation lead for our church for 13 years. Her calm demeanor and quiet personality have served our church for years without fail. Her work creates the backbone of our service. She keeps each Sunday’s worship service aligned and seamless. For years she has been our go to expert in worship multimedia experiences. Allyson was our primary source/expert in getting our online services up and running. Oftentimes just she and Pastor David together worked to send a message/service out to our congregation via Youtube during the pandemic.

The time and effort she has contributed over the years could easily be overlooked but we are beyond grateful for her service. Allyson has also volunteered with the children’s program in our church, she rings bells in our Bell Choir and also helps to prepare the communion sacraments on a regular basis. Allyson’s family moved here in Jan of 2001 which was her junior year in high school and she attended youth group and has continued to attend at HOL all her adult life.

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