Heart of Longmont has a small team that is working on protocols for the church while we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The team consists of members from trustees, worship/music, safety team, office, children’s and families’ ministry, and ushers.

The team is using the document “Re-Launch Church” published by the Mountain Sky Conference to help guide us. This document, written by Bishop Karen Oliveto and a group from the Conference details three different phases for dealing with the virus.

Phase Red is the phase we are currently in. Churches are not to host in-person worship. No outside groups are to use the church. We remain in the Red Phase until “state and local officials have reported a 14-day downward trend of cases, hospitals are treating patients without crisis care, and there is a robust testing program in place, including antibody testing.” When that occurs, we then move into Phase Yellow.

Phase Yellow is a gradual return to gatherings and doing so in a cautionary manner. Pastors and church leaders must ensure that implementing Yellow Status is in the spiritual and physical well-being of the community and the church and will require the approval of the Bishop or her designee. The Yellow Phase does allow for groups under 50 to meet with stringent guidelines.

Finally, Phase Green is when the virus is contained, and people are safe. Permission will be granted to communities of faith to return to full activity and gatherings will be permitted without restriction. This will be in place only as church leadership is confident in the care of their community of faith. Green lighting for all activities will likely be guided by a testing protocol for asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, antibody testing, therapeutic drug therapies aggressively caring for those who have contracted COVID-19, and approval and availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Re-Open Team is procuring hand sanitizing stations which will be at all doors.

Our Church office is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00am til 1:00pm. Visitors must wear masks, and use hand sanitizer when entering the office.

As of July 7, 2020, the state of Colorado and the county of Boulder do not report a 14-day downward trend in cases. We continue to be in the Red Phase.

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