by Jan Timmons

Get out those walking shoes! It is time to get ready for the annual Crop Walk.

Even though it is modified, it is still the same crop walk. What is a modified crop walk? Everyone asks that questions. It is pretty much the same. You register on line, and find some sponsors. Then you set a date and time that you will walk. You can walk with whomever you are comfortable – family, friends, book club group, whoever. The money has to be turned in by October 25, 2020. To register and find more information go to:

Where does the money go that is raised? The money goes to Church World Service, Community Food Share, and Bread for the World. The Community Food Share says that, since the pandemic began, they are giving away more food than they have ever given away at any other time in their 39 year history. They have distribution points all over the area. Plus they actually deliver to low come areas such as mobile home parks.

Please support this valuable organization through your gifts. You can also contact Jean Malchow who is the head of the Crop Walk for our church this year.

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