With the United Methodist Special General Conference happening next month in St. Louis, we want to give people in our church a safe place where we can discuss and ask questions about what this all might mean.  A forum to discuss the plans and implications of this special event will be at 11:30 am on Sunday, January 20, right after worship.  

We want to provide lunch for those who wish to attend with pizza from Abo’s Pizza.  So if you are going to attend you can RSVP by calling either the church office (303-776-3523/office@heartoflongmont.org), or Marty Allison (303-772-7816) and letting us know.

But if you haven’t made your reservations and wish to simply drop in on the forum, please do so.  This is open to any and all who are interested.

The Special General Conference will be in St. Louis, MO, February 23-26, and will focus on the issue of human sexuality; specifically, around LGBTQ+ persons and their place in the life of the church.

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