by Anna Suppe

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has encouraged the Heart of Longmont and its members to rethink how we reach out to our community. First, there was the hand sanitizer and toilet paper scare of March. Then, libraries and bookstores shut down, leaving people stranded at home with nothing but Netflix. During this whirlwind time, the Staff Parish Relations Committee hatched a plan. Pastor Dave had asked each church committee to prayerfully consider coming up with a mission in addition to our regular commitments. What could our mission be? What service could we possibly hope to offer this year, when it seemed everyone was losing their minds?

Our grand master plan: A Free Little Library. The church already has one set up by the basketball courts that serves the Wild Plum families. The latch was busted, and though Ellen Winkelman has kept it diligently stocked with many types of books, SPRC wanted to help spruce it up a bit. So, we fixed the latch. And then reached out to Gordon Yoder for a second one. He masterfully crafted an adorable Free Little Library that looks like a church! For those of you who don’t know, A Free Little Library looks like a gigantic birdhouse installed by the curb. In it are usually books, free for anyone passing by to take. Homes and businesses across Longmont and the World participate in the not-for-profit, Free Little Library program.

SPRC is delighted to announce that the Heart of Longmont will soon install a second Free Little Library at the south entrance on 11th Avenue. It will be stocked with children and adult books in English and Spanish. Non-perishable food items will also be in there, free to take. After the toilet paper and hand sanitizer scare of March, we have also decided that those items should probably be in there, too.

During a time when the church doors are locked, the windows shuttered against the unseen enemy that is the Virus, it seems impossible to keep church members in the loop, much less provide community support. But thanks to the bright ideas, generous hearts, and helping hands of SPRC and other church members, the Heart of Longmont can shine in the community once more. This Free Little Library will be a window that Christ’s love can shine through. Now, during times of turmoil, and for many years to come.

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