During Sunday worship on November 14, Karl Scott gave a stewardship update. Below is the transcript:

Good morning Heart of Longmont.

As I was gathering the leaves up here at the church this Friday, I was amazed at all the wonderful yellows, red, rust and golden colors of the different leaves. The different sizes and the endless ways that they were curled up, lying flat and some still stuck to the stems they grew on. Others were laying far away from each other, yet many were in deep piles just waiting.

The leaves got me thinking of the wonderful parishioners here in our church. Some of us are very different than others. Large, small, in groups of the same family and friend stems yet others scattered about not close to each other. Yet we do have those common trees that grow the leaves and a common desire for those that come to church here to do Gods work in our world.

We do the work in many different ways. Some of the work is assembling meals, sewing, raising the awareness of world hunger, learning how to effect healing in our broken world and 150 other ways to serve others around us as indicated by the banners on the wall here showing how we serve. And we do that well.

In order to better plan and budget for all our work we have a stewardship drive to help make plans for the coming year. The finance committee started this process this year back in August and is working diligently to accomplish this task in time for the Charge conference in early December. We do that by sending out the estimated giving Stewardship cards to guide us in planning for the next years opportunities to serve.

Our big thanks to those that have turned in their cards. Although we have only received around a third of the cards back. If you didn’t get a card there are some at the usher tables at the back of the sanctuary, I have some here to share with you or contact the office if you did not get the wonderful letter from Pastor David and the card. If you haven’t returned your card yet please get in into the office.

Like the leaves we are all different but we all work together to serve in God’s work at the Heart of Longmont.

Thank you for your help.

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