During this month of October we are inviting you to show your support for the mission and ministries of the Heart of Longmont by filling out a Commitment Card indicating your level of support financially to the church for 2020. Cards are being mailed out this week. Look for yours in the mail. If you don’t receive one you can pick one up on Sunday at church.

Several people have shared in worship WHY they make the Heart of Longmont their church home. What is your WHY? You can read some of the responses we have received below.

We endeavor to put more of God’s love into the world in a variety of ways. Your support of the ministries and mission of the Heart of Longmont help makes that effort possible. You help turn our desire into reality. You are part of this beating heart of compassion and purpose. We hope we can Count On You!

Thank you in advance for your pledge to support the church in 2020. We will receive your commitment cards on Sunday, October 27, during worship.

–Pastor David Burt

What is your “Why”?  Why do you choose to make Heart of Longmont United Methodist Church your church home? Is it the people? The programs we have? Our outreach to the community? The worship? We’d love to know what your “why” is!

“All of the above. I also like the different music played – traditional and God’s House Band. Cynthia is incredible. We aren’t told what to think – ‘where faith and reason are compatible’. Rev. David’s messages are meaningful.”

“I discovered the Heart of Longmont when we moved back here 5 years ago. This church drew me in immediately because of its open-mindedness, music program, outreach, and warmth.”

“The Heart of Longmont has forged a path of accepting all people regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, race, or economic standing. We recognize everyone as a child of God. This is why I have made HOL my church.”

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