We have some exciting news regarding what all our generous hearts of the Heart of Longmont were able to accomplish with their loving donations to HOPE for January’s Compassion Offering. Kimberly Braun, HOPE’s Director of Development, shared with us some inspiring numbers. Thanks to your generosity, HOPE was able to:

  • Buy 5 pair of work boots to keep 5 people in a new job towards self sufficiency.
  • Get 5 booklets of bus passes to help folks get to medical appointments and job interviews.
  • Purchase 5 new cots to replace broken ones at the shelter. Provide 3 months’ worth of disposable masks to keep our clients safe from COVID.
  • Purchase 4 months’ worth of cleaning supplies to keep COVID at bay.
  • Assist 16 individuals with replacement IDs to start a new life with new jobs.

Amazing! Never doubt that every little bit helps. No matter how big or small, your gifts matter.

Thank you, Heart of Longmont, for putting more of God’s love into our community.

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