by Sandi Austin

No, those aren’t strawberries in that box at the end of the Howards’ driveway. Butch and Peg actually had some extra toilet paper on hand after a recent shopping trip to Sam’s Club. In light of their good fortune, they decided to spread the wealth, offering up the extra rolls to anyone who needed them.

The note, attached atop a work bench with the “strawberry” box, stated:

“God smiled on us at SAM’S Club. We have a little extra. Take what you need but leave some for another. Oh, BTW, the work bench isn’t included!”

A bit of a surprise was that not all of the rolls were taken. As Butch surmised, “Maybe the TP crisis is subsiding?”

We can only hope! Thanks, Peg and Butch, for sharing your story!

By the way, we’re still looking for more isolation stories. For instance, how did you celebrate Easter while confined to your homes? What are you seeing in your neighborhoods that lift your spirits and bring a smile? Share your isolation experiences with us by sending Sandi Austin an email at sandi [at] heartoflongmont [dot] org.  Photos are welcome, too!

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