by Sandi Austin

Just in case you were wondering, I am continuing to gather isolation stories that Heart of Longmont members may want to share for the Pulse newsletter. If you are a bit bashful, I can keep you anonymous. Your isolation stories – neighborhood stories, family activities, helpful tips – can be humorous or more on the serious side. No matter what kind of story it is, it can offer some inspiration to those who read it.

Here are a couple of ideas from my daughter’s house. For instance, did you know that you don’t need a hen to provide you with an egg? In a desperate situation such as we had, you can ask Siri for directions on how to make your own egg! That was the one ingredient my daughter was missing when she was making molasses cookies this morning. As odd as it sounds, chia seed and water can replace an egg! I didn’t watch that process … it kind of freaked me out … but I must say, the cookies were amazing!

I’m betting Google and Siri (an essential worker these days) have been especially busy! As many times as my family has Googled or asked Siri something, I’m amazed that neither of these sites has blown up!

Note: 1 T. ground chia seed soaked in 2 ½ T. of water for 5 minutes equals one egg – WHO KNEW?!?

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