Author: Joel Bjorling

When Christmas is over,
The real work begins;
Oh, no, do you mean
I have to go through this again?
I just caught a glimmer
From an avalanche of dishes;
Did I miss something,
Or are there additional Christmas wishes?

Your humor is warped,
It’s twisted insanity,
Believe it, one Christmas
Is plenty for me;
Let the snowmen melt,
Retire Rudolph to the farm;
How dare you cause me
Such a horrific alarm?

When Christmas is over,
The real work begins
Because it, really, is
A means to an end;
Think of it,
I’ll give you a clue:
Kindness and generosity
Begin with you.

Christmas is a step,
But only a taste,
To making the world
A more Santa-like place;
You can hear a sermon,
Buy the right gifts,
But the best
Is to give someone a lift.

When it comes to Christmas,
The wrapping paper is in your hands,
Not to throw away,
But to do something grand;
The glowing light,
Atop the Christmas tree
Is a marching order
For you and me.

We make Christmas
A joy or a curse;
The more we gripe,
It only gets worse;
The greatest gift
Is what we each day give,
Spread the Christmas cheer
With the life you live.

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