I’ve been asked to share the “why” I’m a member of the Heart of Longmont.

I’d like to share pieces of the life of Pastor O. A. Gayley (known as Dad Gayley) with you. As he grew up in Hamilton, Illinois, he became frail and the doctor suggested a higher, drier climate.  At 18, he climbed down from the train at Kit Carson, Colorado.  He took up being a cowboy from Colorado to Wyoming, holding tight to his Christian faith that he learned from his mother to become a Pastor in the EUB Church at Leroy, Colorado, east of Sterling.

I grew up in the Evangelical United Brethren church in the northeastern corner of Colorado as a preacher’s kid. In 1968 when my dad, Reverend Raymond Scott, was Pastor of the church in Johnstown, it became the first United Methodist Church this side of the Mississippi joining the Methodists and EUB Church.  After high school for the next 40 years, despite growing up a preacher’s son, knowing right from wrong, I chose my path and God allowed my education and learning of life without God first to leave a great impression on me.  Fast forward to 2013.  God led me back.  God leads us back to where we need to be.  Dad Gayley’s faith led him to be where he needed to be as a good and wonderful pastor. God has led me back to be a part of the Heart of Longmont to learn, grow, and to be a better disciple of Christ.

The first Sunday I attended here, I sat on the right side, 5th pew back, 3rd seat in. Little did I know at the time God’s humor and plan. That pew happened to have been used by the Hand, Noble, Ward, and Malchow Families for many years prior to my arrival. Today I remain firmly rooted in that family pew. And as many as will fit may join us there.

As I watched, joining in the church and its missions, I saw and remain amazed at the giving/supportive/heartfelt disciples that make up the Heart of Longmont. During my first years you fed the homeless, sheltering them at times, financially supported the church’s missions sending youth on trips to help disaster relief here and now abroad, helped build habitat houses and so much more.

I’m the one blessed to be here at the Heart of Longmont learning from you God’s Great Disciples and Pastor David Burt of course!!!

This is why Heart Of Longmont matters to me.

You the Parishioners and Guests of this church make the Heart of Longmont the giving, everyone is accepted and loved example of God’s Disciples at work. You are awesome, Good and Faithful Servants. Thank you.

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