The Methodist Church continued to grow.  A driving force behind yet another move came in 1954, when a survey by the Iliff School of theology noted that “although the membership was composed of exceptionally high educational abilities and interest, the church lacks facilities to care for the varied needs of a large membership.”

Rising to the challenge, our congregation initiated a complete relocation building project.  Five acres of farm land were purchased at the present church site and plans were drawn for a building budgeted at $350,000.   The groundbreaking, fund-raising and construction of the present building are within the memory of some current members of the congregation.

There was a lively, vocal debate – and disagreement – over the site’s location!   Church officials received many complaints from older members of the church because the proposed site was “way out in the country”, and they would “never” be able to attend religious services.  This resulted in the organization of a free taxi service by car owners, so anyone needing transportation to any church service or meeting could call the church office and request assistance.  It is true that change is in fact tumultuous; it is equally true that God has seen us through changing, challenging times.

In 1959, with the new building almost complete, members of the congregation began the Herculean task of moving almost 60 years of accumulated heritage from the 4th and Terry location to the new 11th and Emery location some fifteen blocks away.  At the Consecration Service and Open House for the new church, held on November 22, 1959, parishioners were greeted by the special stained-glass balcony window. Unseen by the congregation prior to that day, the “Miracle Window” (designed and built in Germany) was installed overnight before services, much to everyone’s delight.  Astoundingly, the mortgage on this building was retired in only 10 years!  How richly God blessed us in making it possible to overcome our indebtedness so quickly!

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