Our Safety Team Welcomes You!

Heart of Longmont wants you to feel welcome and safe when you come to visit us. Check out this video HOL’s Safety Team put together to learn a little more about our facilities and safety procedures. You can also read the video transcript below.


Hello and welcome to the Heart of Longmont! We are glad you are here and want you to not only feel welcome but to feel safe.

A few Housekeeping items we wanted you to be aware of:

Bathrooms are located in two areas on the ground floor. From the main entrance go left a little ways where you will see two hallways. Each hallway will take you to bathrooms… the smaller-sized, private bathrooms down the left hallway and the full-sized bathrooms down the right hallway. You can also reach the full-sized bathrooms by leaving the Sanctuary through the door by the organ.

If you need hearing assistance, please let one of our ushers help you get set up with a hearing assist device so you won’t miss one thing during our worship service.

In case of a medical emergency, just raise your hand and one of our Safety team members will help you.  You can identify them by the red lanyards around their neck.

In case of a fire, please calmly exit the nearest marked exit door and help your neighbor to get out safely.

If there is an imminent threat to our safety, we will exit the doors behind the altar, or hide under the pews if necessary.

We will have a CPR and First Aid training class this fall here at the church.  Anyone is welcome to take the course, just be on the lookout for the sign up.  Know that all of our Safety Team members will be certified in both CPR and First aid and will be ready and willing to help you out in any way.

Check out the pictures on the bulletin board to see who serves on our Safety Team. Look to them if you need anything.

We take your spiritual, mental, and physical health seriously here at the HOL.  Blessings, take care and we will see you on Sunday mornings at 10 AM!

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