The Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement between two parties to move forward on a project, was signed by John Murphy on behalf of HOL and Tim Rakow on behalf of The Inn Between on August 18th.

The Inn Between Board approved the Memorandum of Understanding on August 16.

On September 1 Wesley Homes Team members, Jean Malchow, Tricia Grafelman and Pastor Claire, met with Tim Rakow, The Inn Between executive director, and Kelly Dietman, architect for The Wesley Homes.

The meeting gave Dietman an opportunity to see the location. She is excited and enthused about the project.

The Wesley Homes project received approval on September 5 from Reverend Dr. Charles Alkula (pictured above) on behalf of the Peaks/Pikes Peaks District Roundtable to proceed with deeding of the property to The Inn Between for the construction of 12 two and three bedroom homes.

Jean Malchow has been working with Hilary King (director of the HOL Wild Plum preschool) on the relocation of the infant and toddler playground.

Mark your calendars for two very important dates: October 23 and October 30. On the 23rd Tim Rakow will join us for an all church Q & A about the homes. On the 30th we will have an All Church Conference to vote on the Wesley Homes project. We are anticipating having some preliminary architectural renderings for the meeting on the 23rd.

If you have questions, contact one of the team members: Rod Edmonds, Joan Edmonds, Tricia Grafelman, Jean Malchow or Clint Schahrer.

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