Wesley Homes

Heart of Longmont entered into a partnership with the nonprofit The Inn Between in July, 2022. The Inn Between of Longmont provides affordable housing rental to individuals and families who are below 40% of the median income level for Boulder County.

The housing project will involve construction of approximately 12 2-story units for families to rent at the North end of the HOL parking lot. The housing will be long term rental, but also serve as a stepping stone to home ownership as families become more financially stable.

The project is estimated to be 2 years to completion.

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Watch the video from the service on July 17 to learn how this partnership came to be. Information will be updated periodically as we continue along this venture to put more of God’s love into our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to see drawings of the housing units?

Yes, when we have renderings available from the architect we will have them on display in the gallery. The earliest we can expect to have any drawings will be October.

What will happen to the houses if The Inn Between ceases to exist?

The deed transfer of the land to TIB will include a “reverting clause” that if The Inn Between changes its mission of providing low income housing or ceases to exist, HOL will have a right of first refusal for transfer of ownership of the land and apartment units back to HOL.

Will we be able to get more information about the project?

The projection for Q and A sessions with church members has been pushed back to October to give the architect time to develop renderings of the project. Exact dates will be communicated once the architect’s schedule is confirmed.

Can we vote on this project?

An All Church Conference was originally scheduled for September 25. That date will now be moved to late October or early November, again to accommodate the work of the architect.

What will happen to the Wild Plum playground?

We are working with Wild Plum to relocate the playground. By federal ruling it has to be closer to the building anyway.

Will I lose my parking spot?

There is a possibility that parking spaces may shift, however, at this time we are only expecting changes to the North parking lot. The move of the Wild Plum playground will hopefully not impact parking spaces to a great degree. We will update you as this plan takes shape.

Will we have a chance to talk to someone from The Inn Between and ask questions?

A time after Sunday Service will be coordinated with Tim Rakow, the Executive Director, for you to hear from him and to ask questions. This will most likely occur in October.

What is the process for donating part of our parking lot to another entity?

The disposition of property is addressed in the Book of Discipline (2016) (paragraph 2541 for those interested). It stipulates that a church needs approval of the pastor and district superintendent, and approval of The Mountain Sky Conference board of church location and building. Once these approvals are received, the final approval of the church membership is needed through a vote in an all Church Conference.

Assuming approvals of the pastor, district superintendent, and The Mountain Sky Conference board of church location and building are received, is there a date for the all church conference?

We expect to have the required approvals in August and have tentatively set September 25 for the all church conference.

Will we receive more information and have an opportunity to ask questions in advance of the all church conference?

As this project is in the very early stages of development, we anticipate new information almost on a weekly basis. We will provide regular updates on our website (new page being developed called “Housing Project”) and in the Pulse.

We are also planning two Q&A sessions in September (the 11th and 18th after the service) with a zoom session mid-September (date TBD) for anyone unable to be in church.

What is the cost to the church?

At this time, we expect to incur all necessary costs to convey land, including any surveys, and re-platting, and recording fees that may apply. We are in the process of getting an estimate of these costs, but believe they could be in the $10-15,000 range. We will be pursuing grants to help offset any of the costs to transfer the land.

Another potential cost impact is related to the playground. We will be exploring options for either sharing the playground with the new development or working with Wild Plum to relocate it to a more convenient location for the pre-k and toddlers in the program. Cost estimates will be part of the evaluation. Finally, it must be noted that one of the costs to the church is the donation of the land; however, this is not a cash cost and as such does not impact our budget.

How many people per unit? How many parking places will be allocated? Will there be any lawn space for any of the units? Who will do the maintenance (i.e. painting, roofing if needed and small repairs needed in any home)? Who will determine eviction for things like domestic violence, drug use or registered sex offender, etc.?

The Inn Between will own and manage the development, honoring HOL’s wishes that the residents are families whose income is at or below 40% of Longmont’s Average Median Income. Unit design, occupancy rates, parking, green space, etc. will all be determined by The Inn Between’s architect, with input from HOL, and to ensure compliance with city codes and ordinances. The Inn Between has not yet selected an architect.

As for facility maintenance and repairs, again The Inn Between will handle as the property owner and manager.

Finally, residents of the units will be expected to comply with their commitments to The Inn Between, and local laws and regulations.

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