There has been significant behind the scenes action on the Wesley Homes project.

To deed the land to The Inn Between, a survey must be completed.

Clint Schahrer contacted 3 companies for quotes. Before making a decision on which company to use, a few more questions need to be answered. We are moving in a direction to make that decision. The survey will take about 10 weeks.

The Wesley Homes team is pursuing funding through grants to pay for the cost of the survey.

Steps have also been taken for moving the Wild Plum Outdoor Learning Center closer to the building.

Jean Malchow has been diligently working on refining the drawing and planning for that. Quotes for materials have been attained.

The committee will be applying to a variety of foundations seeking funding for the Outdoor Learning Center. Wild Plum will be assisting us.

You might be wondering why HOL is burdened with the expenses involved with this project. As owners of the property, we are responsible for any changes made and as such we bear the burden of costs.

The Wesley Homes team continues to make progress toward realization of affordable housing for families.

If you want to know more, contact Rod Edmonds, Jean Malchow, Clint Schahrer, Joan Edmonds or Tricia Grafelman.

To read more about Wesley Homes, check out our Wesley Homes page.

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